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Lake County Partners Launches New Business Outreach Program

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Workforce Investment Board of Lake County (WIB) for business outreach and retention services that will address the skills gap in Lake County’s key industry sectors of manufacturing, healthcare and information technology. This initiative forges a new relationship between Lake County Partners and WIB that will focus on long-term industry planning as it relates to talent attraction and job development and retention. Efforts will target companies with between 15 and 350 employees with the goals of enhancing business relationships, raising awareness of economic and workforce development needs, and increasing communication among core stakeholders.


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Reinforcing the Lake County Promise

One of the key implementation goals of Lake County Partners’ Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is the improvement of marketing functions for business attraction and retention. Marketing and outreach is the primary method by which we can communicate the assets that Lake County can be counted on to deliver—what we call “The Lake County Promise.” These include a highly educated workforce, top-ranking schools, global industry leaders, beautiful and diverse recreational areas, the right balance between work and plan, a gateway to global markets and a first-rate quality of life.


We understand the importance of using all available channels to clearly highlight the benefits of doing business in Lake County and concisely convey programs, events and incentives that may be of interest to your company. In an ongoing effort to unify our message and remain your go-to source for business information in Lake County, you can expect to see several new and exciting media developments in the upcoming months...


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Leadership Lake County Looks Forward

Lake County Partners is teaming up with stakeholders around the county to launch Leadership Lake County—a program initiated by Lake County Board President Aaron Lawlor to attract young professionals, aged 20-39, to Lake County to ensure that employers have access to this talent to achieve long-term organizational visions.


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Demystifying the Perceived Illinois Tax Burden

A recent article in Site Selection Magazine points to the significance of Chicago’s collar counties, noting that they account for over 72% of the region’s population and dozens of major corporate facility investments. The piece rightfully stresses the importance of this metropolitan area in Illinois’ overall economic development progress and prominence.


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Lake County Corporate Civic Engagement

Civic engagement and corporate responsibility are becoming increasingly important factors in employee recruitment/retention and brand loyalty. Businesses are beginning to recognize that engagement in local community initiatives can create economic value and stimulate social growth, which in turn results in more vibrant and sustainable communities. The beneficial practices inherent within civic engagement programs can also be leveraged and integrated into corporate culture, enhancing leadership and team building skills.


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Pace Offers Complementary Plan Review

Pace, the suburban bus line of the Regional Transportation Authority, recently updated its Transit Supportive Guidelines to assist municipalities, designers and engineers in identifying and addressing real and perceived barriers to transit access throughout the metropolitan area, including in Lake County. The goal of this work is to foster transit improvements that support all modes of movement, including that from pedestrians, cyclists and automobiles.


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